Growing the Upside Down Tomato

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 | Author:

Grow upside down tomatoes? Really?!?!

Hi, my name is Sheldon Smith. I’ve been growing tomatoes for years. Last year I had the most amazing crop of tomatoes ever. Over 100 lbs of tomatoes per plant of the most delicious tomatoes I’ve ever tasted. I’ve started a tomato garden this year and you can follow it’s progress on my blog, the How to Grow Tomatoes Blog.

upside down tomato planter When my father-in-law told me he was going to grow upside down tomatoes using the Topsy Turvy Tomato planter, I scoffed.  I have tried to grow upside down tomatoes myself in the past with very little results. Then I saw an infomercial about an upside-down tomato planter kit. It looked a lot easier than the do it yourself model I tried and it was pretty inexpensive, so I decided to create an experiment.

I purchased two upside down tomato growing kits and I plan to follow the kit instructions with one, using the regulation potting soil. In the other I am going to use my special soil mix that I used to produce 100 lbs plus of tomatoes from my plants. Stay tuned for the experiment.

If you are curious too or want to play along, you can get the planters They were hard to find in our local stores.

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